• It was revealed that we may encounter bosses mid or start-level, which stands to be a bit of a departure from the traditional Souls template.

Executioners Chariot (Silver Chariot pre-Beta)

The Silver Chariot is so far only seen in the Torture Chambers riding through long halls. He seems to be capable of killing the player in one hit upo n running th em over with the chariot he rides.
This chariot seems to have either blue flames or souls hanging off of it. The name of this enemy is currently a work in progress and may change upon release. It is said that the Silver Chariot can be defeated during his initial encounter with the player before the real boss fight, how this could be accomplished is currently unknown. During the real boss fight the player faces the Chariot in a large circular hall. Skeletons are revived by at least two necromancers hidden in the archways which are safe zones for the player. The player must run from nook to nook within the walls as the Chariot rides by. At the end they will find a level which when pulled lowers a gate blocking the way for the Chariot. It will crash into this gate seemingly killing the rider along leaving the real boss fight between the player and the two headed horse. This horse will then act as a boss charging, being aggressive and fast while being capable of easily breaking guards. The two headed horse is not particularly good at turning and keeping up with the player but beware it has a very powerful breath attack which seems to be able to cover the width of the chamber and go a fair distance.

The Silver Chariot
The Silver Chariot

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